Kamal Haasan-Rajinikanth alliance hits 'saffron' roadblock

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

Kamal announed that as a first step of his political journey he would be adopting one village from each of the districts of Tamil Nadu and turn it into a growth module that can stand as an example in both the state and the center of what he has in mind. "When average businessmen and politicians set mediocrity as a standard, then rubbish becomes acceptable", he said.

Mr Haasan, who aims to "clean politics in Tamil Nadu", said he aspires to be a politician with a difference.

Responding to a question on love jihad, the actor said, "I think that a new revolution is on its way". Successive governments failed to use and protect the water ways of the state.

"If this is the route he (Rajini) is going to take and if the hue he is going to acquire is to be saffron, then I can't see a clear understanding". "Being a Tamilian is not a prerequisite or a condition, but as I have often said is merely a postal code", he said.

The film actor quoted Mahatma Gandhi's idea of a self-reliant and self-sustainable village. At a time, one village will be developed and cooperation is required from every corner of the world, he added. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, Kamal said that the current politicians do not work for the people and their welfare schemes lack vision and the public money is wasted away due to lack of vision.

On December 31, 2017, Rajinikanth confirmed his entry into politics while Kamal Haasan on January 17, 2018, confirmed that he would be setting up his own political party, the name of which would be announced on February 21. "My political campaign begins here with the aspiration of forming a brain trust with my Tamil women and men here at Harvard". "I used to mimic the wary intelligentsia that looked down with disdain at electoral politics and later through learning and kind tutoring understood that politics need not be something below us". "On second thoughts, I should have signed as a "polity-culturist" - someone cultivating a new polity", he said.

"On the contrary it can and should be a civic duty". I am fed up of complaining about governmental inaction.

On being asked about the prospect of an alliance with Arvind Kejriwal's AAP, he said he is open to learning from Kejriwal's experience.

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