Here's how Twitter reacted to Philadelphia's first Super Bowl victory parade

Eagles fan eats horse poop after Super Bowl win

Eagles fan eats horse poop after Super Bowl win

It was time for a celebration 58 years in the making.

A 41-33 win over the New England Patriots in the championship game on Sunday secured the trophy for the Eagles, which meant a celebration was in order.

Fireworks were set off. vehicle horns blared.

Center Jason Kelce celebrates the Philadelphia Eagles' first Super Bowl Championship with a parade down Broad Street to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

"More than once, the closed captioning must have said "(unintelligible)" as there are several parts of the speech where one literally can not understand what Kelce is trying to say. "It's a great city, and now we have a Super Bowl to go along with it". They watched the Philadelphia Eagles (from the USA state of Pennsylvania) unexpectedly beat the New England Patriots (from the northeast of the U.S.).

The streets in Philly were mobbed after the game and that will also be the case on Thursday for the Eagles Super Bowl parade.

Fans lined the streets and climbed trees to celebrate during the massive parade. Hart shared a video on social media showing what a good time he had watching the game and meeting with the players afterwards, but he does admit he had too much to drink.

Schools, museums, courts, government offices and even the Philadelphia Zoo were shut down so the city could fete an underdog Eagles team that few outside Philadelphia thought had a prayer of beating the mighty Patriots led by superstar quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick. "One, two, three: Eagles, Eagles, Eagles!" We don't care. We're from Philly. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience". Before he got hurt, he was the best freakin tackle in the whole NFL.Steven Wisniewksi was told he didn't have it.

I believe at some subconscious level, the fans picked up on the fact that this Eagles team was clearly different, and that's why the bar that night was so un-Philly-like less than 24 hours before the actual game.

Kelce described Pederson as a "man who went for it on fourth-and-down", which we can only assume was a Yuengling-induced slip of the tongue, although he repeated it.

Joe Swartz went to eight Eagles games this year and says taking a bus into the city is the flawless way to go. "I was hoping they would do it before I died, and they did it". Some, however, took it in stride.

"No disrespect to Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch, but I would love to play with Kirk Cousins", Miller said. "They got nothing to say now".

While standing in the back of the packed bar, Murphy drank Newbolds in honour of his father-in-law Ron Skubecz, who loved that beer and who once gave his children a football signed by Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik.

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