Chrome will start marking HTTP sites as 'not secure'

What is HTTPS encryption and why it’s critical

What is HTTPS encryption and why it’s critical

Two things it could do are 1) create a one-click WordPress plugin to change to https once a certificate is installed and 2) make it so you don't have to create a separate instance in Google Webmaster Central when you switch to https.

The warning notification will appear next to the address bar. Some of the biggest offenders at the time included,, and the New York Times, which has since moved to secure its site. The encryption is based on the Transport Layer Security (TLS), which itself is the successor to older protocol called SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The technology uses advanced encryption algorithms to ensure the data transmitted between the browser and website can not be read by anyone else. Without that encryption, anybody with access to the user's router or ISP will be able to intercept the information being sent to websites or inject malware into them.

The changes are meant to prompt site owners to switch to HTTPS, which encrypts data in transit to prevent access by attackers. In Chrome 68, the omnibox will display the "not secure" message for all HTTP pages.

Google chose to gradually roll out the alerts to give website owners time to implement the encryption.

For the last three years, Google has been giving search priority to HTTPS sites in a move it dubbed "carrot and stick".

An example of how a secure connection with HTTPS encryption looks like. The company also notes that 81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default. It added that more than 68 percent of Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows and over 78 percent of Chrome traffic on Chrome OS and macOS now flows over HTTPS.

Google has announced it will be labelling all HTTP sites as "not secure" with the release of Chrome 68.

Google has to come up with this decision as nowadays, most of the websites owners are adopting the HTTPs to run their websites and for that reason, Google is limiting the usages of this service on the websites which still runs through HTTP.

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