The Government Is Now Warning People To Stop Eating Tide Pods

Laundry pod

Laundry pod"challenge spreading on the internet is sending people to the hospital

One teenager admitted to CBS that he ate a detergent pod, and dozens videos on YouTube appear to show people taking on the challenge on camera.

"Do not eat", he says as he looks at the Tide Pod, and then the camera, as if he too is truly having to resist popping the pod right into his mouth and chomping down with reckless abandon. What started as an innocent meme is now a risky challenge - the Tide Pod Challenge - like that of the cinnamon challenge.

"Rob Gronkowski records a PSA to warn people not to eat laundry detergent" is a sentence I never thought I would write, but it's 2018 and seemingly any outrageous thing is possible now so here we are.

A new fad sweeping social media called the "tide pod challenge" could send your child from the laundry room to the hospital.

Millennials around the country are swept up in recording themselves performing a risky new challenge in which they eat washing tablets. Legit enough that it's apparently become something of a minor public health crisis in the U.S., and overnight, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an actual federal government body, sent out a Tweet pleading with Americans to stop consuming detergent.

Named the "Tide Pod Challenge", the new trend sees teens filming themselves while they attempt to eat laundry detergent capsules, before challenging their friends to do the same.

Regarding the challenge, Procter and Gamble issued the statement: "Our laundry packs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes and they're used safely in millions of households every day". They should be only used to clean clothes and kept up, closed and away from children. You hear that, folks?

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