FA aware of alleged Holgate tweets

The FA opened an investigation into allegedly homophobic tweets that emerged last week

The FA opened an investigation into allegedly homophobic tweets that emerged last week

Mason Holgate could be in some serious trouble after a couple of alleged homophobic Tweets have surfaced from his account.

The Times reports that Holgate may use his age at the time as part of his defence - he was 15 when the first two tweets were sent and the last was sent three months before his 17th birthday.

Mason Holgate, who accused Roberto Firmino of racially abusing him, is himself facing the threat of a charge and ban over allegedly homophobic Twitter posts.

According to Matt Lawton of the Daily Mail, the match official for the game, Bobby Madley, has said in his match report that he was unaware of any racist language used by the Liverpool No. 9.

That has apparently strengthened Firmino's defence against the accusations and may result in no action being taken against the Brazil global.

As noted by Lawton, the Liverpool man was determined by lip-readers to be yelling in Portuguese at Holgate, with the supposed words translating to "are you insane, you son of a bitch?"

Any charges brought on Holgate here will have no bearing on the Firmino incident, a decision on which is expected in the coming days. Firmino's face is blocked by another player at one point, before the Everton defender reacts furiously.

In 2016, then-Burnley striker Andre Gray was handed a four-match ban over historic tweets that called for gay people to "burn" and "die".

The situation has blown up in the full backs face, as he accused Firmino of racist language in a heated exchange between the pair, but after the game Twitter as awash with Holgate's comments from six years ago.

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