Celine Dion cancels Las Vegas show

WATCH This is how Céline Dion reacted when a fan got physical on stage with her

WATCH This is how Céline Dion reacted when a fan got physical on stage with her

Immediately, security was on stage trying to remove the woman, but Dion being the class act that she is, insisted on helping her new friend off the stage herself.

Many have applauded Dion's handling of the situation.

Dion then proceeds to thank her security detail for doing what they were supposed to do, thanks her audience for their patience, and checks in with the women one last time to make sure that she's okay. "I love you", Dion told the woman, who replied: "I love you mostest". "I thought you just wanted to come closer to me", Dion told the fan.

Celine Dion cancelled her concert in Las Vegas on Tuesday night (January 9) as she continues to battle throat inflammation.

"Let me tell you something".

While the drunk fan was all "Don't touch me" when the security tried to pry her off the Titanic singer, Celine kept reassuring the fan in a soothing voice that it was okay. I'm glad you came up on stage tonight.

But she is hoping to resume her performances at the legendary music venue on Friday (12.01.18). We've got babies that we love, and we're going to fight for them. And we're wearing gold. "But you know what, I'm glad you came closer to me".

"Some people go through a lot and some people need to talk", Dion said. "I love you most-est'".

She then motions off stage saying, "and we heard you well", presumably to the woman. "Thank you so much for your patience tonight".

Celine Dion has gone viral after her professional response when a fan rushed the stage and rubbed up against her. Watch footage of the incident below.

She recently said: "Oh don't get me started now".

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