Lexus gives glimpse of flagship LF-1 SUV

Lexus to preview new range-topping SUV with Detroit-bound concept

Lexus to preview new range-topping SUV with Detroit-bound concept

A shadowy teaser image released by the brand represents our first look at the LF-1 Limitless concept auto, it's set to debut at the 2018 Detroit motor show in January with Lexus describing it as a "crossover with no limits".

The carmaker is withholding as much information as it can for now, merely stating the concept "heralds a new genre of luxury crossover" and that it "seeks to redefine the boundaries of luxury".

The Japanese company says the auto, which is thought to signpost the design language of the new SUV, "seeks to redefine the boundaries of luxury" and "heralds a new genre of luxury crossover vehicles".

Now named the LF-1, the concept was created by the company's Calty design studio located in Southern California.

Lexus has confirmed a new crossover concept for the Detroit Motor Show in January.

The LF-LC was considered something of a design breakthrough at the time, and the teaser image of the LF-1 follows a similar theme with a heavily stylized rear hatch and lots of curves and angles, which certainly suggest a crossover along similar lines to the LF-LC.

Lexus has been introducing every new model with a hybrid drivetrain option and we would expect that in this case as well. We would not expect the new Lexus to try to compete head to head with the Porsche Macan or Cayenne, though the motor press may pose the two as rivals. That means the production model it might spawn won't necessarily be the largest model in the Lexus range, but it could very well be the most expensive. A plug-in hybrid option would be a first for Lexus, but we would not rule it out.

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