'Justice League' Cinematographer Fabian Wagner Confirms Superman Black Suit Scenes Were Deleted



File under "Yet another instance proving that studio suits needed to butt out and let Zack Snyder do his thing". "It's a cool looking costume", he said.

Earlier today, Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner revealed that the black Superman suit teased during the film's production by Henry Cavill was created for the film as scenes were filmed featuring the Last Son of Krypton donning the suit he wore after his resurrection in the famous "Death & Return of Superman" story arc from the comics. "Sadly, we didn't see that in the final cut". "There were [quite a few scenes shot]". The following year, the Man of Steel was resurrected, but he looked quite a bit different.

But when the movie hit theaters with a relatively lean two-hour runtime, the black suit was nowhere to be found. Instead-spoiler alert-Superman's revival saw the brief rise of a shirtless Man of Steel. Many fans (myself included) were very excited at the prospect of seeing it on the big screen.

Some fans even took to social media to chastize Henry Cavill for "tricking" them into thinking they'd see the black version of the costume in the film.

Its exclusion is very disappointing. Perhaps it was either stuff that was shot by Zack Snyder that Warner Bros. didn't want to use or, maybe, it just didn't gel with the final cut; the latter happens all the time in the film industry.

"There were [scenes shot]", Wagner confirmed to Inverse. "There are a few scenes that I was very much looking forward to seeing which unfortunately got cut", he added, also referencing the scene from trailers where Alfred spoke to a mysterious character that we never got to see in the film. "It was one of my favorites, and also didn't make it".

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