Trump tweets about the wrong mass shooting, gets trolled

America is Not Having Bad Luck With Mass Shootings

America is Not Having Bad Luck With Mass Shootings

Seven days after a gunman killed 26 worship attendees, Pomeroy - who was out of town during the November 5 attack - delivered his message at a tent worship service blocks away from the church property.

As church bells called worshipers together across Minnesota on Sunday, the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas, was on the minds of many church leaders. These fears have also brought up the topic of gun control laws. And in an interview with Fox News, Dallas evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress said his church members - of which he estimates "a quarter to a half...are concealed-carry" - would prevent a mass shooting from occurring in his church. "If they believe it's significantly impacting their lives, they may want to look into getting additional help". He noted Pomeroy had raised the possibility of tearing down the facility at some point in the future, but that was a personal reflection, not a statement of the church body's decision. We will remember the innocent lives that were lost at First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, Burnette Chapel and Mother Emanuel AME and so many others over the years.

"I'm afraid this is one of those instances now where we see another thing we thought we could count on no longer holding true", said Wohlrabe. "Combine that with fairly free access to guns and you end up with a deadly cocktail", said Nelson.

"More and more I hear from congregations and I know of instances where they are relying upon their volunteers who have hide and carry permits to be there and to be armed", said Nelson.

Trump took to Twitter this afternoon (AEST), but he tweeted about the "people of Sutherland Springs, Texas".

Church officials had expected about 500 people to attend Sunday's service but dozens more chairs were added.

The flaps on the sides of a tent that's serving as the worship site had to be lifted so hundreds more outside could see and hear.

"The shooter turned his gun on people - kids - in a place of worship". His daughter was known as Annabelle R. Pomeroy.

Then he wiped his eyes before saying: "I guarantee they are dancing with Jesus today". "This is a chance for us to say no, we love, we want to serve, and we want to sacrifice".

The crowd stood, clapped and raised their hands to heaven as Pomeroy spoke.

"Frank said, 'We would not be able to walk anywhere in the last few days because (Annabelle) would have been having her arms wrapped around every dog that she saw, ' " Collins, who heads the Yorktown First Baptist Church, told mourners.

The front three rows were reserved for survivors of the attack and the families of those killed.

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