Putin proposes Syrian peace congress to end 6-year civil war

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan views the PYD  YPG as

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan views the PYD YPG as"terror groups linked to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, which has waged an insurgency inside Turkey since 1984

"Militants in Syria have received a decisive blow and there is a real chance to put an end to the civil war that has raged for many years", Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted at the start of the tripartite summit being attended by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Putin said the reform process would require "compromise and concessions from all parties, including obviously the Syrian government".

The mini-summit of the three countries — which earlier this year helped broker a truce between Syrian government troops and the opposition in several pockets of fighting across the war-torn country — comes two days after Syrian President Bashar Assad visited Putin in Sochi.

Ahead of today's summit in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin discussed Syria with his USA counterpart Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia's King Salman, among other leaders. Trump and Putin said the displaced Syrians should be allowed to return and "the stability of a unified Syria free of malign intervention and terrorist safe havens" should be ensured.

Multiple rounds of talks hosted by the United Nations have failed to bring an end to the conflict.

Russian Federation claims to have practically ended the military conflict through its intervention, but the various sides in Syria are far from a political agreement.

Past negotiations sponsored by Russia, Iran and Turkey in the Kazakh capital Astana that brought together regime and opposition representatives led to the creation of four "de-escalation zones" that produced a drop in violence.

Dr Rouhani said: "The objective of this national congress is to provide the ground for the draft of a new constitution in Syria and to hold a free and fair election in this country, which could be a message of peace and stability for the whole region".

The US also appears to have softened its anti-Assad position in the post-conflict period.

The presidents of Turkey and Iran have hailed their trilateral talks with Russian Federation on Syria's future as critical for restoring peace in the war-torn nation.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition groups - which have been involved in previous UN-sponsored negotiations, but are deeply fragmented - met in Saudi Arabia yesterday to unify their position ahead another round of talks in Geneva.

The summit follows a surprise visit to Russian Federation by Syrian President Bashar Assad on Monday, also in Sochi.

"We don't want to look back and we are ready for dialogue with all those who want to come up with a political settlement", Assad said, according to translated comments.

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