Iraqi court rules Kurdish independence vote unconstitutional

Kirkuk exports

Kirkuk exports

He complained Baghdad was being selective in their implementation of the Constitution of Iraq, saying the Sep.

He added that the court disregarded violations committed by the Iraqi government against 55 articles of the constitution, including failing to implement Article 140 to resolve the disputed areas and cutting the Kurdistan Region budget.

Iraq's Supreme Federal Court on Monday ruled that a September referendum on the secession of northern Iraq's Kurdish region was "unconstitutional", APA reported citing Anadolu Agency. The KRG also called on the worldwide community - including the United Nations, European Union and non-governmental organisations - to intervene and help lift what it called "restrictive" sanctions imposed by Baghdad in retaliation for the referendum.

Kurdish officials have repeatedly criticized the Federal Government of Iraq for violating over 50 articles in the Constitution of Iraq and treating the people in the Kurdistan Region as second-class citizens, an accusation Baghdad rejects.

Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said the ruling was made "unilaterally and without the presence of Kurdish representatives".

The Kurds issued warrants for 11 Iraqi figures, and a Baghdad court did the same for the organisers of the referendum and the vice-president of Iraqi Kurdistan.

"We need a third party present during talks between Erbil and Baghdad to ensure the Iraqi Constitution is respected and implemented", he said.

"We have suffered a great deal because of the one-Iraq policy, and that policy has failed".

Iraq 's top court on Monday declared the Kurdish north's independence referendum in September to be unconstitutional, firing a new salvo in the political crisis with the autonomous region.

Erbil said last week it respects the earlier court decision and called for constructive dialogue, signalling compromise after the central government imposed an worldwide flight ban on Kurdistan. The ruling is not subject to appeal. On Monday, Mr Barzani held talks with the British ambassador to Iraq Jon Wilks in Erbil.

He also said he was "ready for dialogue" with Baghdad.

Mr Barzani responded by stating that the "Kurdistan region has been in favour of serious dialogue to resolve the outstanding issues".

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